Monday, July 11, 2011

Eli's 1st Birthday Party-Bear Theme

We celebrated Eli's 1st Birthday on Sunday July 3rd. It was perfect yet a little stressful.

I had planned his birthday party months in advance and was happy when it was finally over. I did a bear theme and the picnic area chosen was perfect.

My sister Cassie took Eli's photo when he was 11 months. I simply made a collage from Walgreens and stuck it in a frame.

Here are his gifts

My mom bought the cupcakes and I stuck #1 cupcake toppers in. Perfect colors-red, blue, white and a touch of yellow. 

I bought gummy bears, cinnamon bears and made the chocolate bears for the kids treat bags.

Here is the entire display. I also knitted Eli a banner with his name on it. And, don't forget the balloons. Adrian helped blow them up. Thanks!

The birthday boy and us.

I bought him this birthday boy shirt at Kohls. Of course I got it for free since I had a $10 gift card.

Here is his cake-lemon. I forgot to take his shirt off but it was too late. Oh well!

First taste of the yummy cake

Dig right in!

Too much sweets!

Way too much sweets!

Here is proof that Adrian used the camcorder. Sadly, it wasn't on the right setting so we didn't get ANYTHING filmed. Oh well.

All of his cousins came too!

Gramie and Eli

We opened presents after Eli had cake and got cleaned up.
Eli's favorite card-Winnie the pooh. It played music.

Grandpa and Gramie gave him a Vermont cow and he automatically put his fingers in his mouth. So cute.

Eli, Brandon and Zach.

Overall, it was a fun party. There were 22 people who made it and I think everyone had a fabulous time.

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