Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Make it Monday

I'm only a day late in posting "Make it Monday." Life is a little crazy since we are going on vacation. Wahoo!

So, I made some chocolate bears for Eli's "bear" birthday party. I also made some coffee cake from a box for Adrian and I to eat. Yum! The bears were pretty easy. Our microwave doesn't work so I melted the chocolate in a pan. Then I used a tablespoon to fill the bear tray. Next, I stuck the tray in the fridge and waited about 30 minutes. The bears came out perfectly. It was super easy to take the molds out of the tray. I also used my sister's tray. Since it only had six, I decided to get another bear mold from Hobby Lobby. It was only $1.99 if you are interested in making chocolate animals. Plus, if you are on their email list you can get an additional 40% off. Happy late Monday!

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Jennie said...

I love flavoring the chocolate like putting mint extract in.