Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Too sweet!

Last night, I had the McDaniels over for dinner and FHE. It was a blast! Adrian is out of town so I thought it would be fun to share the evening with some family. First, we had Hearty chicken noodle soup, Red Lobster biscuits (yes, I made them and they were fabulous), and a spinach raspberry dressing salad. Yum! Let me just say, I was so glad I had some cheddar cheese to make the biscuits. I had made some other rolls but I don't think I let them sit out long enough. Something wasn't right so I quickly made the other biscuits. Then we had FHE. Zach did a wonderful lesson on the armor of God, I shared a story and conducted, Tiffany and Catelyn prayed and Becca led the song. Then we had vanilla pudding and cookies and played Whonu. Overall, it was perfect. Thanks Tiff for sharing the evening with Eli and I. I think Eli and Catelyn had a lot of fun too. They were too cute and I had to take a few photos.

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