Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Oh, how I love getting the mail (but not the bills)

Guess what came in the mail yesterday? I new tie for Elijah. Of course I did win it from The little Gentleman's closet so go check it out. It is awesome. I decided to give the tie to Eli on Easter. I can't wait till he wears it.
 Look what else I got in the mail. This came from Target. Lots of free samples and more coupons. Yippee!

Don't you just love getting the mail? It is the highlight of my day (besides seeing my cute little guy). But seriously, it makes me happy when I know there are sweet treats in the mail. I love getting boxes, cards or whatever in the mail (except bills). I love the unknown,the excitement and anticipation. I love it all! I'm waiting for some kitchen labels I won to arrive in my mailbox. Oh how I love my mailbox and my mailman who sweetly delivers those surprises. I guess I'll wait till 4 till the mailman comes...

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Lytles said...

I love the tie! Lets take a picture with Eli wearing it!