Monday, March 7, 2011

8 month old

Elijah is now 8 months old. Wow! Time sure goes by fast. I do think he has the most beautiful eyes ever. Yes, I am his mother but I'm telling the truth. Anyway, what can he do now....?
-Can sit on his own but I'll stay by his side in case he falls which happens quite often
-Knows how to get out of church...that is for sure. He has a great set of lungs and seems to be louder than any baby. I wanted to hear Adrian's Gospel Doctrine lesson but he was really really loud. Sorry sweetie.
-Still sleeps through the night from about 7pm to 7am (It is so wonderful). He also takes two naps a day (no wonder he is cranky at church-it is his nap time)
-Takes a bottle quite well which is very convenient for mommy
-Loves to play with anything that is in front of him (even my pump)
-My favorite new thing is that he crys if anyone holds him. Hee hee! I love it! I know it won't last a long time so I'm enjoying every minute of it.
-He also started smiling at people and then turning away like he is shy. It is cute but I hope he isn't a shy child.
-Mommy has been teaching Eli how to kick a ball so that she can be a soccer mom when he grows up.
-He still looks A LOT like Adrian and I get to hear it almost every day. I even heard it from a complete stranger who had never seen Adrian. She said, "Does your baby look like his daddy because he sure doesn't look like you." My goodness...that was rude! It is fun that he looks like Adrian but enough already. You don't have to continue to remind me every single day. It is a little funny though.

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Lytles said...

Did I mention that Eli looks like his Dad? Hee Hee! I've got a very cute nephew!