Thursday, February 10, 2011

Awesome deal!

It all started when I received an RC Willey $25 gift card in the mail. I got the gift card by sending in a recipe (different story). Anyway, so I knew that if I found something that was at least $25, it would be free. I knew that they had the new version of Alice in Wonderland at RC Willey. I also knew that it would make a great Valentine's Gift for Adrian so Eli and I went to the store. I tried to bypass all of the salesmen but got stopped three times (it has always been a challenge to see how many times you get bombarded by a salesmen at RC Willey). The movie was $37.99 which to me is a rip off. I would never pay that much! But, if I use the $25 gift card it would only be $13.88 (tax included). Plus I noticed that you can get $10 by mail if you send in the rebate so I thought that it would be worth the time to get the new Alice in Wonderland DVD, Blueray, Blueray + 3D and a digital copy all for $3.88. Perfect!
I got home and noticed the small print-if you own the original Alice in Wonderland, you can get $10 cash back. Okay so new plan...
I had a free $20 Target gift card from swagbucks (website that gives you points for searching the web-pretty easy). So, I ended up using the $20 on the original Alice in Wonderland DVD ($19.99). The total cost with tax and shipping was $4.15.
The awesome deal...$3.88 for the new Alice in Wonderland DVD/Blueray/Blueray +3D/Digital copy and $4.15 for the originial Disney Alice in Wonderland. Not too bad. I thought I was pretty clever. Oh, did I mention that I got 200 Disney reward points for the new Alice in Wonderland DVD? I'm sure there are more Disney reward points for the original Alice in Wonderland so I guess I'll just have to wait and see.
It sure pays off to be clever with these deals! I love my deals!

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