Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Witch Society Night

Last night I went to Witch Society Night. It is now a tradition in the Crescent 2nd Ward to have a witch evening. There were three contests and three winners in each category. The categories were Best Table Decorator, Best Witch costume, and Best dessert. I borrowed my witch wig and stockings from my sister and wore one of my prom dresses. Yes, the dress still fits. It is pretty stretchy. Anyway, I won one of the awards for best dessert. I thought I would win best costume but I didn't. I was quite surprised because I know a lot of people voted for me. However, there were three other witches who looked amazing. Anyway, it was a ton of fun. We ate chili in bread bowls and had lots of yummy treats. There was also a photo corner. Overall, it was a fun evening out with the ladies.

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