Friday, April 9, 2010

Sexy Mama's to be

Last night I went to one of the funnest baby showers ever. Both my cousins Christina and Katie are pregnant. Katie is due tomorrow (Ah J/K). I mean June and Christina and I are both due in July. Last night I laughed a lot especially when Katie put on her coat which was obviously way too small for her. She is hilarious and I love her (Notice the water stain on her shirt-Classic)! Well, Tiffany and I had a great time going to the shower together. Of course we both won the games and scored a 1 LB chocolate bunny. Yikes! I don't think there is room in my belly for one of those. I hope Adrian will love it! Well, I am so thrilled that we are all pregnant at the same time. Finally! Good luck to all the sexy mama's out there.

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roncathyroberts said...

Sexy Mamas-to-be are so cute! We are glad you had so much fun. We are having fun here in Sunny CA. It is soooo hot. Whoops...didn't mean to rub it in. (Cassie's comment, "Yes you did!")

Love you,
Mom & Cassie