Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bad experience

One of my co-workers tried touching my stomach today and now I am freaking out. I feel so violated! I told her that I do not like people touching my stomach. If you know better, don't try it unless you are my husband. I am not kidding! I may get violent. I just think it is so weird when older women think that they can do that to pregnant women. Can I touch your stomach? I didn't think so. Also, my little guy may end up kicking you if you try. :)


Finding Joy in the Journey said...

Ha! Stalker!

Mandy said...

If I had a dollar for everytime that happened to me I would have had enough money to buy out all the baby clothes at Baby Gap. People are crazy and strange and will only continue to rub and pat your belly as it gets bigger.

Kristyn said...

Emilee!!!! Where have I been? You're pregnant??!! I am SO excited for you guys!! And boys are the best. The best. A total handful (as everyone will inevitably tell you, as they did me) and it's totally true, at least with us, but so worth it. Bottom line: you will love it!