Friday, October 30, 2009

Qqest's Halloween Contest

Superstar and Nerdy Scout (Emilee and Mindy)
What's for dinner? Fries, Hamburgers, and soda? (Keven, Betty, and Debra)
Is that Mary Katherine Gallagher with scary Carol?
Our English singer-songwriter Boy George (Salote)
How about a police officer to bust the bad employees? (Kristen)
Barbie and Ken (Cerra and Chase)
King of the Spartans and Superstar (Josh-1st runner up and Emilee-2nd runner up)
Watch out!
Two Catholic school girls are on the loose

Qqest had their second annual Halloween contest today and I actually won 2nd runner up with my fantastic Superstar costume. I have always been a fan of Molly Shannon and when people started telling me that I look like her...I got an idea. How about dressing like Mary Katherine Gallagher from Superstar?? It was a perfect idea! Both times I have dressed like Molly, I have won third place. Did you notice all of the other fantastic costumes. Everyone was so creative! Way to go and thanks again for choosing me as your SUPERSTAR.


Finding Joy in the Journey said...

Hey! Who are you calling nerdy?!?!

Miss Heather said...

Personally I think you are WAY cuter than Molly Shannon... but your Superstar costume ROCKS! :)