Sunday, September 13, 2009


Adrian and I were privileged to go to Nauvoo, IL on Wednesday. We went with Stefan, Melanie, Paige, and Anne. It was remarkable! First, we went to the Visitor's Center and took a wagon ride around Nauvoo. I'm so glad we went on the wagon ride so we could see everything. The temple was amazing! I loved everything about Nauvoo. We didn't have a whole lot of time but we were able to see a few of the homes/stores. We saw Wilford Woodruff's home. He is my great, great, great grandfather so it was very special to me. The quilt that is in Wilford Woodruff's home was made by Sara Brown (one of Wilford Woodruff's wives). She gave it to her daughter Phoebe Arabell who gave it to my great grandmother Carrie Moses. Carrie donated the quilt to Barbara Smith who was the General Relief Society President at the time. The quilt was in Sarah Melissa Granger Kimball's home for awhile but was placed in Wilford Woodruff's home later on. I took a picture of the quilt because I knew of the importance that it had in our family. It truly is a special treasure.

We also went to Brigham Young and John Taylor's homes as well as Lucy Mack Smith's (Joseph Smith's mother) home. We stopped by the Bakery, Printing shop, Post Office, and the Cultural Hall. Melanie and Anne were able to go inside the temple so that was a special treat for them. We also ate lunch at Emma's Pantry. Overall, the spirit that was felt was truly remarkable. There are many missionaries that give tours in each home and they share their testimonies at the end. I feel so blessed to live in a land that has plenty and to be part of a legacy. Thank you so much Stefan and Melanie for allowing us to have such a great experience. I will cherish those memories for a long time.


Noel Dickens said...

That is so great that you got to go to Nauvoo. It is so wonderful! Looks like you all had a nice time!

Lytles said...

What a great experience! You're so lucky to go to such a great place! The temple pictures are spectacular! Thanks for sharing!

Jamie said...

How wonderful. The temple is so beautiful. It looks like it was a beautiful day also. How lucky. Your whole trip looks fun. Glad you got to go!