Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Training for the 1/2 Marathon

Here I am-sporting my new look. Adrian and I went to Sports Authority last Saturday and each bought a new running outfit. It took us awhile but we found the perfect look. Adrian even bought a visor and I think he looks hot. I'll have to sneak my camera to take a picture of him. So cute! Well, I am continuing to train for the 1/2 marathon in August. I'm a little nervous but I think I can do it. It may be a tad bit crazy but it will be fun. Hopefully Adrian can continue to train with me but we shall see-his knees have been hurting. Poor Adi. Well, if you have advice regarding running, let me know. Thanks.


Finding Joy in the Journey said...

I feel qualified to give you some advice on running a 1/2 marathon, so I would recommend running 6 miles on Saturday! :)

McDaniel's said...

I am so proud of you-this will be a great accomplishment!