Saturday, March 28, 2009

Draper Utah Temple Dedication

Last week I had the opportunity of attending the Draper Utah Temple Dedication. It was a wonderful experience. Since Adrian was working, I went with my co-worker Laura and her husband Rusty, and some other people I didn't know. However, I met a girl named Aubree who recently turned in her mission papers. I connected with her right away and I was excited for her decision to go on a mission. I was blessed to have a friend I could talk to since Adrian wasn't there with me. Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways. We went to a church at 11:30 on March 21st to wait for our bus. The bus then took us to the temple where we sat in the stake center for an hour. Then they led us through the tunnel and into the temple. We were lucky to sit in one of the temple chapels. I say that we were lucky because five minutes before the dedication, they announced that the "brethren" would pass through our room. I was hoping they would. I was able to see our dear Prophet Thomas S Monson, Henry B Eyring (favorite of mine), their wives and a few other brethren. The dedication was wonderful and I felt the spirit. We sang, "The Spirit of God" and President Monson told us that they have only sung that song in the Kirtland, Salt Lake City, and now the Draper Utah Temple dedications. President Monson also told us a story of Le Grand Richards. He showed President Monson the finished copy of A Marvelous Work and a wonder and told his secretary that there are a few things for her to edit. Well, there was no periods and no punctuation so a year later, it was completed. President Monson has a wonderful sense of humor but he also can be serious. I laughed...I was so wonderful. After the dedication, the "brethren" came through our room once more. This time I couldn't contain myself, I wept. He was only a few feet away. He went up to a boy about nine or ten (he sat three or four people away from me on the front row) and gave him a great big hug and said, "Be a good missionary." Suddenly a reporter came afterwards and gave the family a card. She wanted to chat with the boy to find out his thoughts and feelings of the experience. I was so blessed to be able to attend the Draper Utah Temple dedication. The last open house I attended was the San Diego California Temple and I was quite small. I know that temple work is important and I know that President Thomas S Monson is a true and living prophet.


Mandy said...

What a wonderful experience. Thanks for sharing your testimony and experience at the dedication. How great that you were able to talk to a sister about serving a mission, I am always grateful that you encouraged me to serve :) Hope you are having a lovely day.

Jamie said...

How wonderful. I am glad you had such a nice time. President Eyring is one of my favorites as well. I love the emotion he shows each time he talks. Mark's grandmother's family settled Draper, and she grew up there when there was nothing really there. She passed away a year after Mark and I were married. I know she cared deeply for Draper and I am sure is smiling down on the new temple. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings. They were very nice.

The Lytles said...

What a great experience! You were very blessed to be in the presence of our prophet and to be at the dedication! Great memories!