Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Girl Scouts Opinion

It is Girl Scout cookie time! Have you gotten your girl scout cookie's? If so, you had better follow my guideline. The girl scouts must wear their uniform. This is so important as they are representing their troop. The picture on the left shows me as a girl scout and I wore the whole outfit with pride. I'm the cute one with the side pony tail. I even wore some ugly white LA Gear shoes. We all matched and I think it is so important that girl scouts wear their uniform. In fact, I had to wear the uniform once a week. I was an awesome girl scout. Now, if you buy girl scout cookies without following this guideline, then you are not supporting my plea. Why is this so important to me? It seems that nowadays the girl scouts are casual in the way they represent themselves and I am here to say that it needs to stop. I see girl scouts who have a sash with a sweatshirt. Obviously their parents are not supporting them by helping them wear the outfit with pride. My opinion of the girl scouts today stands and I will not buy their cookies if they are not wearing their outfit.

This is a picture of girl scouts today. What in the world are they wearing? I think they need a makeover as soon as possible! Although they are wearing the vest, they are wearing a t-shirt and sweats. They are not representing girl scouts very well. They need to shape up and get a new girl scout wardrobe. They also need to pay their monthly dues so they will get enough money to fix themselves up.
"Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence and character, who make the world a better place."

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Amber said...

What girl didn't have a side pony tail and LA Gear tennis shoes? I haven't bought any cookies yet this year, and I promise I won't unless they are wearing full uniform!