Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wallace Barton Grant's Funeral

My grandpa, Wallace Barton Grant passed away on June 28th at the Orem, Utah Rehab Center where he has been staying since last November, 2006. Here are a few pictures of my mom, Tiffany, Cassie, and my cousin Lilly who attended the funeral. My mom wrote: "Dad had had lots of health problems that prevented him from being cared for at his home nearby. All of his children and many grandchildren were with him at my brother Bob's wedding June 9 and many of us visited with him again on Father's Day. Mom had been visiting with me in California for five days, but returned in time to see dad for a couple of days. She with Bob and Christy were on their way to take him for a ride in the beautiful Utah canyons when Mom got the word that he had died. So the three of them got to sit with him for an hour or so until the mortuary came for his body. Mom said it was very peaceful! His funeral will be held on, July 5. Our family is so grateful for the time we had with him recently plus our knowledge thaty he is in a better place where we will eventually be reunited with him."

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Stephanie said...

Was this the same Grandpa that I met in Orem? I remember they had a really cute house.

BTY-Love your shirt Em!